Franc doc
About us

Getting off the beaten track, far from the city bitumen, our films unveil the daily life and struggles of the inhabitants of magnificent and sometimes endangered territories, which give us food and fresh air. Anchored in Quebec’s Lower St. Lawrence, in the heart of the forest, franC doc sets itself apart by its desire to make one see and reflect on rural realities and issues, rooted here and abroad.

Environmental crisis, food, identity, inequalities and injustices stand among the themes which motivate our productions. By presenting unprecedented societal points of view, we contribute to the public debate that needs to happen.

The independent filmmaker Nicolas Paquet produced in 2011 his first feature-length documentary – La règle d’or, followed by the feature-length films Ceux comme la terre, Esprit de cantine, Chef.fe.s de brousse and the short film Les sucriers, which were presented in numerous Canadian and international festivals. His creations document rural realities with authenticity, safeguarding a speaking space for the resistance of today.