Franc doc
Snack bar Rhapsody
  • Documentary
  • 2016
  • 78 and 52 minutes
  • Colour
  • Food
  • Territory
  • Identity

Along the countryside roads, little white cabins attracts hungry people. Craving for their “poutine” and French fries, they keep coming back to their “cantine”, as they call those snack bars in Quebec. Run by women working long hours everyday, everysummer, those places embodies a strange summer ritual, a tradition standing against the fast food chains.

  • Directed by - Nicolas Paquet
  • Cinematography - François Vincelette et François Gamache
  • Sound Recording - Philippe Scultéty, Mélanie Gauthier et Guillaume Lévesque
  • Editing - Nicolas Paquet
  • Sound Editing - Mélanie Gauthier
  • Music - Fred Fortin, Sam Joly
  • Produced by - Karina Soucy / franC doc
  • Distribution - franC doc