Franc doc
  • 70, 52 MINUTES
  • 2024
  • Mining
  • Territory
  • Capitalism
  • Injustice

Ten years after the implantation of the largest open-pit gold mine in Canada, at the very heart of Malartic, one wonders if the city is doing any better. On the face of it, prosperity hasn’t reached main street, and statistics show no demographic boom. Malartic 2020 offers a powerful insight into a community profoundly hurt by its extremely well-off “tenant”. This story serves as a blatant example of a system where shareholders and the stock market indeed dictate the future of hundreds of collateral victims.

  • Written and directed by - Nicolas Paquet
  • Editing - Natacha Dufaux
  • Direction of photography - François Pesant, Benoit Ouellet, Geoffroy Beauchemin
  • Sound - Catherine Van Der Donckt, Guillaume Lévesque
  • Sound design - Catherine Van Der Donckt