Franc doc
Chef.fe.s de brousse
  • Documentary
  • 2019
  • 70 and 52 minutes
  • Colour
  • Food
  • Territory
  • Gastronomy
  • Identity

This documentary follows three Quebec chefs who got off the beaten track to offer a gastronomy which brings us together and reflects who we are. In the forest, fields and along the St. Lawrence River, they pick startling ingredients and lay the territory’s fruits right in the plate. By doing so, these gourmet creators draw a mentality shift toward the flowering of a culinary art in harmony with nature.

  • Written and directed by - Nicolas Paquet
  • Produced by - Karina Soucy
  • Editing - Natacha Dufaux et Nicolas Paquet
  • Direction of photography - François Vincelette, François Gamache
  • Original Music - Antoine Berger-Létourneau
  • Sound - Mélanie Gauthier, Guillaume Lévesque
  • Sound Design - Mélanie Gauthier