Franc doc
A beau venir qui part de loin
  • Documentary
  • 2007
  • 54 minutes
  • Colour
  • Cultural diversity
  • Immigration
  • Rurality

Shaily leaves his colourful India for ice cold Abitibi. Lucia lands in the calm Lower St. Lawrence for love, leaving behind: her family, career and bustling Mexico City. Jean-Stéphane and Blandine, born under Reunion Island’s tropical sun, discover a brand new life, nestled in a whiter than white region. One can only guess that here, immigrants are a peculiar sight, though newcomers are key to fill empty schools and adress labour shortages. No doubt, he or she who settles in the country opts for a very different life than those who chose a metropolis. From funny situations to reality – that of a population struggling to attract “foreigners” while failing to convince its own children to stay.

  • Written and directed by - Karina Soucy
  • Video - Nicolas Paquet
  • Sound - Mathieu Tardif
  • Video Editing - France Dubé
  • Sound Design - Francine Poirier
  • Produced by - Nicolas Paquet